Baby Crisis in America That No One Is Talking About

Modern economies like the one in The United States need to have a stable birth growth. Having enough people will help the country to have a productive system in the future with sufficient working labor.

The birth rate in The United State last years is steadily decreasing which raising some concerns about this issue. But also if we look back, America had these problems in the history, but thanks to the arrival of immigrants, they filled the holes created by irresponsible politic of government.

Since the last economic crisis has started more people don’t want to have kids. Also, fertility rate had declined in the past several years. Kyle Jaeger from ATTN site has written an interesting article about this and explained why America needs to have more kids and increase the birth rate and fertility rate.

Why America Wants You to Have More Babies

The birth rate in the U.S. is steadily declining, raising concerns about how the generation will be able to support older generations who reach retirement age. As it stands, the fertility rate (a number that represents the number of babies born to each woman on average) in America is 1.87, down from 2.12 in 2007.

For most of American history, the birth rate hasn’t posed much of a concern, The Wall Street Journal reported. A steady influx of immigrants from countries where families tend to be larger — in addition to above-average teen pregnancy rates — has enabled the U.S. to stay ahead of the fertility curve, producing more children than industrialized countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

Now that’s changing, The Week reported:
“The birth rate among U.S.-born women fell by 6 percent in the first years of the recession — but among immigrants it fell by 14 percent. What’s more, birth rates in immigrants’ origin countries, particularly Mexico, have also been falling for years. Teen pregnancies have also been trending sharply down for years; falling by roughly two-thirds among all racial groups since 1990.” Read the full article here.

Here are more proofs that America and its government don’t put a lot of effort to change this negative demographic trend. ALTERNET has published an article where they point out that more babies die in America on their first day than anywhere in the world.


More Babies Die in America on Their First Day Than Anywhere Else in Industrialized World

According to a new report, first-day mortality rates in the industrialized world are the highest in the United States.

America has the highest death rate for newborns on their first day in the industrialized world, according to the annual “Surviving the First Day” report published by Save the Children, an international aid group. An estimated 11,300 babies don’t make it past their first day in the United States. “This is 50 percent more first-day deaths than all other industrialized countries combined,” write the authors of the report.

A baby born in America is 4 times more likely to die on their first day than a child born in countries with the lowest rate of mortality. Iceland, Sweden, and Luxembourg have the lowest rate of first day mortality, while Canada and Switzerland rank as the second and third worst places to be a newborn, after the US. Read the full article here.


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