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DWI – Driving while intoxicated, is the crime of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, or a drug, or a combination of both alcohol and drugs, including even those drugs prescribed by doctors. Driving while intoxicated is considered to be one of the serious driving offenses since it is the cause of enormous number of accidents, and it can carry heavy penalties. Those who receive multiple DWI offenses are often people who are struggling with alcoholism.

The level of intoxication can be determined either through the measurement of blood acohol content or through the breath test. In almost every state, a person who has a BAC.08% or more is considered to be under the influence of alcohol. Those who are convicted of driving while intoxicated can be punished by a suspension of a driver’s licence or their vehicle may be impounded for a period of time, but in some of the states DWI charges are enough to get a driver charged even for felony.

drunk-drivingIf it happens that a driver, after being stopped by a police and asked to take a sobriety test, refuses to do the test or is found to have a BAC over the limit, he/she will be arrested on the charges of driving while drunk and sent to jail. If a police officer has suspicions that a driver was driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs, sobriety tests can show that, but it is still better that beside a test, police officer informs a driver that drug testing screens will be done in scientific laboratory upon their arrival into a police station. Results will be admissible in evidence at trial, if it comes to the trial. In certain circumstances  driver may be allowed to get out of jail within a few hours of his/her arrest by posting bail or on his/her own recognizance. If this is not possible, then a driver can ask the judge to release him/her at the first court hearing.

Drunk driving arrest occurs very frequently nowadays and when it happens and a driver is sent to jail, he/she should immediately contact a good lawyer who has the experience in this area of law. A lawyer is necessary for those who are sent to jail. Lawyer is supposed to listen carefully to what a driver has to say, provide him/her with advice, guide a driver through the court process and try to offer help in any possible way.

If drunk driving arrest occurs in New Jersey, hiring an exellent lawyer is not going to be a hard job to do. One of the best lawyers from New Jersey, specialized for this area of law is certainly Stephen Lukach. Stephen Lukach reviews show that he is a respected lawyer with years of experience behind him, and a member of the National College for DWI/DUI Defense, Mr. What is important for those who are charged for driving while drunk to know about Stephen Lukach is that his legal practice centers right on DWI defense.

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