How Recruiting Agencies Work

Are you looking to get some expert help in finding candidates for an open position at your company? You may be best suited to work with a recruiting agency, which is dedicated to helping you hire the perfect people. But how do recruiting agencies work? What are the benefits of working with them? This article will help you get a better understanding on how these time-saving agencies around the country and how to get the most out of your experience with a recruiting agency if you choose to work with one.

How They Work

A recruiting firm, such as Morgan Stephens, is by your side for each step of the hiring process, from finding candidates to sealing the deal. They act as your hiring partner, helping you find and hire the best workers, no matter what the job, location, price, industry, or skill set you are looking for. These agencies spend much of their time and resources collecting up a pool of talented individuals. They don’t just find them on the street. They have sophisticated and varied processes, pulling them in via:
● Job fairs and open houses they host
● Advertising, either in print or online
● Partnerships with other organizations
● Referrals from partners
● Online job posts and ads
● Many different social media platforms
From these sources, they create a collection of hireable candidates with a wide variety of skills and experience for you to choose from. They also work extensively with mobile apps, programs you can install on your cell phone, to help job seekers’ to find the perfect job and submit all of their information with the push of a button.

The agency will facilitate an interview with a candidate and assess their skills, requirements, capabilities, experience and accomplishments so they can report back to you with a good fit. They will also filter out anyone who is not eligible to work in the United States or who doesn’t meet local, state or national regulations or labor laws. This cuts down drastically on the amount of work you will have to do, saving you time and money all at once. Once the candidates are screened, and the best of the best is selected, they are matched with the best job for them. Hopefully, that’s you!

What Are Recruiting Specialists
If all of that wasn’t enough, many agencies have specialists who work more closely with you to meet your staffing needs. They will find and source potential hires, yes, but also may help you design a plan to identify hiring needs you may have in the future as your company grows and expands. Specialists will help your team write job descriptions and ads so you can find the best people for your empty positions.

How Can a Recruiting Agency Help Me?

Let’s break down what a recruiting agency does into the advantages for you:
● They are efficient: Simply put, recruiting agencies can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Sifting through the ever expanding job candidate pool is no small task. Finding, screening, interviewing and eliminating individuals is a full-time job if you want to find the best people. Recruiting agencies can accomplish all of this quickly and easily due to a large number of resources at their disposal.
● They are reliable: A recruiting agency’s #1 priority is to find you a perfect hire. Often, a recruiting agency can reach candidates all over the country and know how to quickly, eliminate candidates who are not good fits.

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● They have a wider reach: Experts at recruiting agencies have their finger on the pulse of what skills are most sought after for each industry. They can quickly identify potentially good hires for any position, and their extensive resources allow them to reach a larger pool of people more swiftly than you could alone.
● They eliminate risk: With their understanding of government regulations and labor laws, you’ll never find yourself in a position where you hired someone you should not have. Recruiters often run background checks on employees, making sure everyone is up to snuff and that you will find your needs met.

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