Important answers you may find by making use of Ticketmaster contact number

As you may already understand, Ticketmaster is known to be a very large online market that mainly deals with the distribution of tickets for main events that are been held all over the world. You can make use of their Ticketmaster contact number so that you can be able to get hold of their customer care service team who will help you in any way that they can. In case you have any queries on how you can be able to purchase your ticket or which tickets are available and for how much, the team may also be able to help you out with this as well. You may, however, have questions that you may need to be answered immediately. Some of these questions include:

Can you be able to resell your tickets through the Ticketmaster page?

Even though many of you may be wondering whether or not they can be able to do this, then the answer is no. this is because Ticketmaster is known to deal with the release of tickets only. You may not be able to buy tickets from other ticket holders neither may you be able to list your own ticket so that you can be able to resale it. However, you may make use of a site known as Get Meln which is a site that is supported by Ticketmaster whereby you can be allowed to list your tickets or even be able to buy other tickets online. In case you are unsure of anything, you can get the Ticketmaster contact number so that you can be able to give them a call and let them help you out with the inquiry that you may have.

Can I be able to ask someone else and go and collect my ticket?

If you had opted to pick your tickets at the box office, then someone else may not be able to pick the tickets for you. This is because only the person who has been named on the card or on the booking is the only person who is going to be allowed to pick the ticket. There are however some events that may allow your tickets to be picked by someone else. The person who is going to collect your ticket will need to have a photographic identification of you as well as a letter of authority that you are going to write yourself. The letter must include things like the reference number, the billing address, and the exact digits of your card, the Ticketmaster order number, the date, the name and the seating arrangements. If the person who is picking the ticket for you is not able to produce the above details, then under no circumstances is the person going to be allowed to pick the ticket for you.


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