Vintage Autos An Unusual But Profitable Investment

Classic Cars – Lifestyle And Investment Choices


When you have a lot of people around the world looking for the old hard-to find cars, then it shouldn’t be surprising at all why some prices of classic car models are making headlines. Vintage vehicles today are a great lifestyle and investment choice. If you find the right old car and can restore it properly, you could enter it for the Concours D’Elegance or any other top classic car show event. Such a car may also in a few years from now fetch you great profits at one of the many classic car auctions in the US or even other parts of the world. Collectors of old treasured automobiles now come from all over the world, so the market has gone global thus increasing demand pushing the prices higher every year since 2008.


As far as lifestyle choices go, it matters a lot for many wealthy people to get the kind of vintage cars that can give them entry into some of the world’s most prestigious events. In the USA, Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance is the most popular classic car event. It is usually followed by a series of classic car auctions, so many collectors also take advantage of the opportunities available to find great buyers soon after showing them off. In England, GoodWood Revival is the event not to miss for classic car enthusiasts and experts. Italy’s Mille Miglia is another great event for lovers of vintage cars in Europe. There are numerous other popular events in North America, Western Europe and also increasingly in Eastern Europe, South America, Russia, Asia and other parts of the world.


Although some people warn that the surge of classic car prices in the recent years is a bubble that might soon burst, that may not actually happen because the numbers of classic cars aren’t growing while demand has increased many times and will continue to do so globally. In the past, prices did surge in 1980s but the trend later revered during the 1990s recession. Today the market is too huge and therefore prices of classic cars can only be expected to stabilize. The rate of increase in prices could settle at around 5 percent from the extreme highs recorded in the recent years.


More people globally will continue to discover the value in classic cars that won’t be increasing in numbers. So it still makes a lot of sense to invest in the right old cars and holding them. Another option is to go out there and find out if any important old car models have been undeservedly dumped somewhere. There are many examples of cars that have been discovered rusting under vegetation and later restored to fetch millions of dollars. Cuba might be a great place to go looking for such cars because a ban on imported cars was there since 1959 until recently.


However, the auto industry segment of classic cars in the recent years has become vibrant with many players. That makes it easier for most people to find the classic cars of their choice either for lifestyle or investment reasons. Today you can even begin the search for your favorite vintage truck, exotic car, classic car, muscle car or any great car from the past online at


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